Living A Vocal Life eCourses
(COMING in 2020)

Does this sound like you?

A creative life is what you’ve chosen. It almost doesn’t feel like a choice because you can’t NOT live creatively. Creativity has also chosen YOU. Let that sink in for a moment. We are ALL creative beings. Creativity is important for humanity because it's our soul’s way of expressing who we are and who we are becoming. But a lot of people don’t say yes to the creative life. It’s too full of uncertainty.  You’ve said yes. That is a wonderful place to begin.

But where do you go from here?

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Living A Vocal Life eCourses integrate over 30 years of my experience in performing, teaching, and coaching to help singers who want to create a sustainable LIFE in music. From body awareness to branding, picking a song to connecting with an audience, booking shows to signing contracts, we will look at where you are on your journey, create clarity around where you'd like to go, and then embark on a path that will take you there, one step at a time.

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In these courses you will...

Discover ways to stay plugged into the
why of your chosen vocation when the going gets rough
and create clarity about what that why is.

Get an overview of the different skill sets that can contribute to artistic
and professional success and define what success looks like for YOU.

Learn how to manage your time and energy
so your commitments are aligned with your capacity and greater purpose.

Create tools for keeping mind, body, and spirit healthy
while living your life as an artist, and more.



Living A Vocal Life eCourses are for vocalists
who are searching for a way to not just survive
but THRIVE — in their career AND in their own unique vocal life.


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In Becoming A Singer: Learning To Live A Vocal Life
you’ll learn about ...


Your Musical Values & Goals
Creating a map for your musical life’s journey

Your Body Is Your Instrument
An Introduction to Acoustics and the Science of Singing/Vocal Anatomy
Full Body Warm Up for Singers, Vocal Health

How to Choose, Interpret and Communicate Songs

Preparing for Performance: Part One
Practicing, Your Gig Book, Charts and Arrangements,
Rehearsing with Other Musicians

Preparing for Performance: Part Two
Body Language Anatomy, Look the Part/Feel the Part/Communicate the Part

You’ve Got A Gig!
Gear: microphones, sound systems, monitors, EQ and effects for singers
Stage Plot/Set Up, Set Lists, Warming Up Your Brain/Warming Up Your Body
Stage Fright, When, How, and What to Talk About With Your Audience

In Being A Singer: Living A Vocal Life Out Loud
you’ll learn:

How to Get MORE Gigs
Promotional Materials: Promo Pak/EPK & Website
Creating Performance Opportunities
Negotiating Contracts/Fees

Audio and Video Recording
Recording a Demo or CD, Overview of Studio Gear
Working with an Engineer or Producer, Preparing for the Studio

Marketing and PR
Using Social Networking, Video, Press Releases, Newsletters and the Media
to Engage and Increase Your Audience

The Next Level: Where to From Here? The Business of Music
Music as a Vocation, Songwriting, Publishing & Licensing, Crowdfunding and Other Resources for Musicians

Epilogue: A Vocal Life in Balance
Strategies for Staying Healthy in Body, Mind, and Spirit
while navigating all of the above!



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I'm interested in YOU ...

... and what it is that you would find most useful in a course like this. If you have suggestions, or would like to give me feedback on course content as I create it, please let me know. I'm gathering a small group of singers who are interested in testing out the course before it goes live in the fall. If you'd like to be one of them, please let me know!

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