Creating a career in music is a lifelong journey of discovery. 
I recently spent a year on a vision quest — a re-imagining of my singing and teaching life. I'm excited to share what I’ve learned with you!


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Living A Vocal Life eCourse: COMING in 2019

The eCourse I'm creating will integrate all my past experience in performing, teaching, and coaching and use it to be of service to singers who want to create a sustainable LIFE in music.

In this course you will dive into a space where you can explore and experience a deeper connection to the relationship you have with your own music and your music career. From body awareness to branding, picking a song to connecting with an audience, booking shows to signing contracts, you will learn where you are on your journey, create clarity around where you'd like to go, and then embark on a path that will take you there, one step at a time.

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Living A Vocal Life — The Podcast: COMING SOON!

You’ve decided to make singing your vocation, now what?

You may be struggling to balance your life and a career in music. Are you curious about how other singers "make it" or how they've dealt with success — and failure? Do you wonder what their biggest challenges have been? Or how about what they’ve learned on their journey and what’s important to them today?

In this podcast I'll be interviewing singers who have succeeded in creating a life in music. You’ll hear from vocalists of all genres, in different stages of their careers, including singers who’ve been on the Billboard charts and those who are teaching the next generation. What do they have in common? They're all performers with amazing stories to tell and experiences to share.

In our conversations, you’ll learn what inspired them to become a singer, the kinds of challenges they’ve encountered, and how they've overcome them. They’ll also share the one thing they believe will help you to live your best, most authentic vocal life.

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