Grammy nominees NU SHOOZ filled the airwaves and dance floors of the 80s with their own brand of Soul and R&B. Known for their chart-topping crossover hits "I Can't Wait," "Point of No Return" and "Should I Say Yes," the band gained a worldwide fan base and a place in music history. Their smash hit “I Can’t Wait" still plays somewhere on Earth every 11 minutes. After more than a 27-year hiatus, Nu Shooz is back performing hits old and Nu. Their newest album, "Bagtown," takes the soul explorers to their 70s roots. "An unpretentious helping of straight-ahead funk with no frills." - Soul Tracks

Past Projects

NU SHOOZ Orchestra

In the summer of 2006, Nu Shooz went back into the studio to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their signature hit “I Can't Wait.” The session produced “I Can't Wait: Unplugged,” an acoustic version of the song with jazz instrumentation and a decidedly laid-back vibe. It came out so well they decided to make a whole album with the same lineup.

Lyrical and dreamlike, playful and sublime, PANDORA'S BOX takes the iconic 80s band into strange new worlds filled with Spy music, Tarzan movies, Debussy, and their signature brand of deadpan funk played by a band Gil Evans would have loved.


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The video for SPY VS. SPY is a retro-fantasy-epic that takes the NU SHOOZ Orchestra on an impossible mission to far away fictitious Eastern nations, and to that most dangerous region of all ... the MIND. It's pop/jazz/cinema — shaken, not stirred. Edited, collaged and directed by Mike Wellins


Brain Chemistry For Lovers

The Question: LOVE


What is it? Why do we spend so much of our lives trying to find it? Keep it? Or get over it?

"Brain Chemistry For Lovers" attempts to answer those questions. A combination concert, cabaret, and science lecture, this multi-media performance uses music, film, and the latest discoveries in the world of neuroscience to explore one of the most universal of all human emotions — Romantic Love.

In collaboration with Darrell Grant, filmmaker Jim Blashfield, arranger/orchestrator John Smith, and Oregon Health Science University senior scientist Dr. Larry Sherman, this science lecture/concert/cabaret considers the stages of a relationship (Lust, Attraction, Attachment and Rejection), connects them to the brain chemicals occurring in each stage (dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, among others), and then expresses each through familiar selections of American popular song.

Side By Side with Tom Grant

Timeless melodies, smooth delivery, a musical conversation … this is what "Side By Side" is all about. The album by Tom Grant and Valerie Day is a special collaboration. The two create new takes on classic tunes, with Grant’s seamless piano playing and Day’s crystal-clear voice. They are honest interpretations of the originals. Nothing fancy, just a pure representation of the melody done beautifully by two consummate performers.

On "Side By Side," Day and Grant combine their talents in a unique setting — that of the intimate jazz duo. The album is a collection of piano and vocal duets that explores a wide range of material, from Tin Pan Alley favorites, like the title track, to modern standards, such as “Up On The Roof” and “Alone Together.” With Grant’s superbly fluid piano playing and Day’s exquisitely pure voice, the two literally make beautiful music together. Purchase HERE on Amazon.

Valerie Day & the Knights of Swing

Among her various musical adventures, Valerie began performing as one of the featured singers in the Woody Hite Big Band. Backed by key players from the Hite band, whom she dubbed “The Knights of Swing,” and with husband John contributing arrangements, Valerie went into the recording studio. The resulting CD, entitled "Beginning to See the Light," marked a new phase in her career.

“I’ve always been attracted to horn bands, from the Shooz, to Earth Wind and Fire, to Count Basie,” Valerie says. “When I heard Sarah Vaughan with Count Basie, it just turned my head around. I would listen over and over again to her note choices and her phrasing, and of course nobody swings like the Count.”

In her work with the “Knights of Swing,” there is no grandstanding in Valerie's approach, no superfluous displays of technique. Instead, like a seasoned jazz player, she searches for, and finds, the musical heart of each song.  Her background as a percussionist comes through in her singing; in her subtle syncopations, skillful use of space and ability to flat-out swing.

Valerie sums up the “Knights of Swing” project by saying ...

“Doing this record got me reconnected with the reason I do music in the first place — because it brings me joy.”

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All proceeds from Beginning To See the Light benefit arts education programs for children.